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Beautiful wall paint designing

wall paint design with bright color scheme
external wall paint design using bright color scheme

Choosing right Wall Paint Colors for your interiors

How do you choose wall paint color schemes,Colors can be consciously used to create an ambience as required and relevant to the space.The effective use of color can change the mood and tone of any Home interior.Color can be used to make a statement,or energise or calm down the inhabitants of the space.Outside color of an Indian house can be the first impression one makes about the residents of that house.Intelligent knowledge,visual understanding and consequent use of color can help one design a space to invoke feelings .Observe how you fee lwhen you are in a bright well lit space!!Each color evokes specific moods .Bright,warm colors,make one feel energized and alert,wheras darker cooler shades tend to make one feel calmer and relaxed…

How do you want to fee when you are at home?Rooms where you want to feel relaxed need to have  color combinations of walls that soothe and are restful.Rooms where you need active interaction can afford to have livelier tones and shades.One only has to look to nature and find inspiration and guidance on how to choose what you like.Brick color and Wood tones make for Colors that are calm and warm…..Colors like skyblue make one feel the emotions of looking at the sky….of calm peace and quiet…and vastness.A green lawn often gives us a feeling of wanting to lounge and play in a green park.Green is a friendly color..livening up spaces like the living room where you entertain your guests and even lighter shades for a Puja room design.Red is the color of energy,youth ,blood .attention seeking.Gifting red roses since time immemorial has been a sybmol of passion!!Red embers of coal giving rise to fire…too much passion can be dangerous!!So use red paint with caution and in limited quantitites.

Likewise Orange signifies friendliness and energy ,warmth like fire,it creates a sense of energy ,healthand movement.Ideal for food joints and Café shops…but use with caution at home…it could throw you off your diet 😊 Pink roses a symbol of love…in soft hues and shades ideal for bedrooms,and the brighter versions perfect for Childrens rooms and school classrooms,to ensconce little ones in a feeling of warmth and security,Yellow is associated with the sun ,power ,energy and life…Great for offices,and large open spaces,sports halls.Pristine white for purity and light like the moon…sometimes calm and often cold…shades of the night…beauty of white and light shades of yellow is in how it can make any space look larger and lighter.

Wall Designing for Light

How much Natural light is there in a room can alter the whole feeling of that space so maybe smarter to use darker shades in well lit spaces,and large open areas one can experiment with wall painting colors .Also while selecting color have in mind what kind of furniture you plan to use and the furnishings and upholstery.A Holistic view of the whole look has to be taken into consideration.

Types of Wall Paint

Asian paints,Berger paints Nerolac are some of the popular brands available in India.There are different qualities catering to every budget,and all of them have textured paint and also .Ideally walls need to be painted every 4-5 years so make sure you choose colors you are comfortable with.Due to covid a lot of people are spending days working from home so be sure to choose wall paint for home interiors such that you are comfortable tolerating the whole day.

Textured Paint is better used outdoor,as mostly they are designed to tolerate dust and extremes of weather.Idellly same paint used indoors don’t make for easy surface to clean.

A lot of Indian homes having an accent wall in a dark color and rest of the walls in a lighter shade was a fashion in the last decade.That kind of a design thought is very passe…and now modern interiors are fashioned such that the wall merges with other elements of the interior design,including furniture lighting and furnishings.Asian paints has come up with very interesting desighns to decorate accent walls using stencils to create dramatic and interesting wall effects

Another way of designing walls is using a monochromatic color scheme using shades,tones and hues of the same color to cause a harmonius color scheme,This kind of a space is timeless and classic.

A combination of different paints is used and a skilled painter uses stencils to create an effect on the wall….Ideally when you use such dramatic paints on the wall,best to choose furniture and furnishings of neutral shades  to balance out the overall feel of the space.Kids rooms can be stencilled with their favorite cartoons,and these can be a cheaper alternative to expensive wall paper which a child would get bored  with ,in a few years time.Wall painting designs can create an ambience that can make your home have a unique theme and feel.Large wall areas stencilled can be less boring even with less painting ,or wall cladding.

Using Neutrals like white beige and grey on the walls and similar shades of furniture and furnishings,is another popular style

Tint –Color is made lighter by adding white

Shade –color is made darker by adding black

Tone-color is changed by adding grey a mixture of black and white..

pastel wall paint design on external facade
pastel color scheme on facade
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