Name: Susan Doe

Profession: Student Architect

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Project: Onyar River Park

Date & Year: 2018

Description: The Onyar is a Mediterranean river with a flow rate that varies depending on the time of year and flood hazard. When passing through the city of Girona the river is channeled by two concrete perimeter walls that prevent the vegetation from growing. The aim of this project is to revitalise the image of the city, recover the river and create a transitional space between cityscape and nature.

Name: Susan Doe

City: Bangalore

Profession: Student Architect

Email: [email protected]

Experience: Landscape Architect

Institution: Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)

Year: 2020

Education: Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)

Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Autocard

Interests: Nature, Landscapes

Workshops: European Landscape Biennial

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