Sathya Consultants

Sathya Consultants

Sathya Prakash Varanashi studied architecture in Bangalore, urban design in Delhi and heritage conservation in England. A former Professor of Architecture, he is involved in academics, outreach activities, freelance writing, professional associations and NGO initiatives.Right from his early days, he was attracted to designs ideas rooted in cost, culture, climate and creativity, thanks to the influence of architects such as Laurie Baker, Shankar Kanade, K. Jaisim, A.G.K. Menon and K.T. Ravindran. His consultancy firm, Sathya Consultants, in Bengaluru has been professing and practising eco-friendly cost-effective architecture for the last 28 years.These articles were authored by Sathya and published in THE HINDU on their Saturday’s Column titled Habitat/Property Plus. These are archived and republished here by Rajesh Kav.




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