POSH Customize Furniture

POSH Customize Furniture


    Our specialty is custom-made indoor and outdoor furniture, interior design and decor for the home and office, including:
    • Beds, cots and sofabeds,
    • Branded Mattresses, pillows, bed sheets and bedspreads,
    • Brass home decor, Carpets,
    • Cushion sofas or couches, Bean bags,
    • Computer and Study tables, Center and coffee tables,
    • Dressing and Dining Tables,
    • Diwans or Ottomans, rocking chairs,
    • Office table and chair, Bookshelf,
    • Garden furniture available in wooden, fiber and steel,
    • TV trolleys and wall units, Wardrobes, Shoe racks etc... 
    Our products are composed of premium quality woods such as teakwood, rosewood and salwood, which are intended and designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. An expansive range of stylish home decor products and affordable prices make it a desirable brand. 
    The strength of our company is attributed to our understanding of the local market combined with an international touch. We have a strong network of dealers and suppliers that enable us to meet customer needs with excellent after-sales support.


Furniture/ Homedecor / Murals


Business, teakwood, wooden, rosewood, bedsheets, beds, living room furniture, dining room furniture

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