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Klim Art Pvt Ltd

klimArt's philosophy - Buildings are not to be built on a site, but rather it should grow from the site, as if it belongs there…. in harmony with the resources of the site – like the slopes, the rock formations, the trees and vegetation, the play of hard and soft paved areas, the rain water collection & harvesting and minimising surface run off, building with sun and wind, building to keep heat out in summer and get heated up in winter....And all these form the back bone of contemporary sustainable building philosophy. When you build in absolutely harmony with climate and nature, Architecture transcends from the mundane and the embellished sphere to a sublime level of pure art. With this as a philosophy, was born in 1992, a consulting firm called klimArt – the Art of designing with Climate and Nature. In 2001, it became a private limited company. Dr. Sujit Kumar is the Founder Director of Klim Art.Pvt.Ltd . He holds a degree in Architecture, M.Tech in Building Science & Construction Mgmt and a Ph.D in Solar Passive Architecture & Earth Coupling in Buildings from IIT Delhi. An expert in space Conditioning of Non Air Conditioned Buildings; He has been in the pursuit of Green and Sustainable Buildings design for about two decades and is also a certified TERI GRIHA Trainer and Evaluator. Designing with nature, micro climate, and delivering high quality buildings within tight cost and time frames is his forte.


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restaurants, libraries, kitchen design, kitchen remodeling, home design

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