KIPA Architects

KIPA Architects

KIPA Architects from its inception in 1986, has been in the process of achieving perfection in design and striving to achieve a “Total Environment” with its innovative and modernistic design approach. KIPA believes in designing buildings in an overall context of the urban environment, site, topography and climate.The Design Principle is based on consciously creating spaces and forms to relate them to the users requirement. We like our architecture to have personality – a personality that helps to establish a dialogue with the environment and the city fabric. We plan responsive solutions that cater to them. Our design evolves out of a diverse thought processes that encompass your needs, budget, building technologies and aesthetics. Each project poses new challenges for us and brings forth new concepts that engage the senses of the user and observer. The psychology of the client is an integral part of the building design. Besides helping shape the space, it enriches the experience within them. The result is a synthesis between functionality and aesthetics. We see design as a poem – a communicative link between us and the user. At KIPA we call it expressive architecture.




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