Iceboat Studio LLP – Architecture Firm Pune

Iceboat Studio LLP – Architecture Firm Pune

Iceboat Studio is a collaborative architectural firm based in Pune, India founded in 2016. We are a firm with an outstanding international experience and expert local knowledge. Our office is a cross-platform environment for architectural design, urban design, sustainable design, interior design and BIM services. With each project we strive to achieve creativity and innovation. By gaining a holistic view of our client’s vision, needs, and context, our work addresses complex problems through careful analysis. We have committed ourselves to provide quality service in terms of design as well as drawings and documents that are of international standards. To help keep us at the forefront of innovative design, we strive to keep ourselves at par with latest trends in AEC industry and advances in technology. At Iceboat Studio we use BIM (Building Information Modeling) as an integral part of our design process. We utilize advanced software like Autodesk Revit to create an intelligent 3D model right from beginning of the project. This allows clients to “walk through” the project via 3D modeling to clearly understand and visualize the design and make more informed decisions. By incorporating BIM in our work culture we are able to achieve higher efficiency, better coordinated documents and collaborative working resulting in significant time and cost savings.




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