Ground 11 Architects

Ground 11 Architects

Ground 11 is a full-service architecture and urban design resource that concentrates on the built narrative – architecture, urban design and landscape – to make vital, exciting destinations out of clients' tangible and intangible requirements. It is a scaleable, modular company, combining the strengths of its own office with a highly talented and experienced network of consulting architects, designers, engineers and other specialists. In particular, Ground 11 revels in projects that pose unique challenges and require unexpected, innovative and highly creative solutions. Pranav Iyer and his team's skills lie in effective conceptualization, design and delivery of signature projects in several different countries and cultures, providing global design solutions in keeping with local technology and processes. Every project done by the teams in India and the United States is a design competition, where alternative interpretations of the design brief are extended into conceptual derivatives that bind the project, and hold the essence of the design through development. A large amount of work done by Ground 11 is research driven, where the design grows around an idea, or is a stream of thought that allows reinterpretation and re-evaluation of commonly assumed paradoxes. This keeps him questioning the established, and establishing his questions. Needless to say, every project concludes with more questions than answers – for himself – while the client gets better solutions. Pranav actively involves himself in activities including feasibility studies and financial modeling for projects, necessitating an often steep learning curve while working on projects in other countries.




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