Etagi Design Collaborative

Etagi Design Collaborative

Etagi Design Collaborative was started in 2011 as a "Multi Design Disciplinary Firm", primarily providing service in the core areas of Master Planning, Landscape Design, Architectural Design, Interior Design and Product Design. The firm does not limit itself to address with what is usually identified as ‘traditional design’ areas…and occasionally extends its services to related fields such as Graphic Design, Interaction Design …even Branding & Identity creation. At its core, we believe that Design, (& the act of Designing… although may spring from individual capacities & understanding), is but a collaborative effort that extends across all the people who are involved in the project. We believe that our Design Process is also highly self realizing and consciously try to move away from preconceived ideas & images to begin with. Design conceptions are only the starting points for a Project. We restrain from embellishing & often our ideas …& projects shape up as they progress & so our response is more event based. We are also interested in the idea of temporariness. We are trying to understand how this ever fleeting, ever changing scenario under various contexts does & can transform (a physical space), thereby giving a project multiple uses and hopefully extending its apparent intent & utility. At Etagi Design Collaborative, we strive to see each project as a fresh start with a new client. We acknowledge that Design is a need based effort and try to understand what our clients are trying to say. We set out to achieve this through something novel and take pride in addressing a project in a manner we have not tried before. Often our role is more advisory & objective in nature, which perhaps helps our clients to trust us & see where we are leading them… resulting in more mutually satisfied projects.




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