Design Transit

Design Transit

Our designs are a reflection of the simple yet multifaceted patterns of nature, which we as humans have been always comfortable inhabiting. It is a cognizant amalgamation of ever changing human qualities, spaces, and surroundings, always evolving with modern technology. The studio is currently working on notable projects throughout India in architecture and interior field, making a lasting impression with its biophilic design approach. We strive hard to create simple, yet purposeful design schemes. Thus, we draw inspiration from the patterns in life that keep changing and yet manage to have a lasting impact.The firm has, and always will reflect the vivid principles and values of our founder making it a place where designs and the process of designing will never be compromised. The exponential growth of the firm in the last few years directly co-relates with this uncompromising and persuasive character of the individual and the vision for a futuristic design environment for better habitable spaces. DT Studio is an architecture and interior firm committed towards creating sustainable, efficient and innovative designs which seeks to uplift the human life through the built environment in new age of technology. Cognizant of the role of an architect as a facilitator to create spaces that resonate and respond to the people, enhance their experiences and build a enduring impression. Our design methodology, Biophilia, is driven by the desire to create harmonious interaction between people, spaces and natural elements, and harness existing infrastructural and ecological patterns to foster flamboyant communities around us.​




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