Design Evolution Lab – Architect & Interior Designer Pune

Design Evolution Lab – Architect & Interior Designer Pune

DESIGN EVOLUTION LAB" is an architectural design studio based in Pune; established in year 2016. Our studio is a collaboration of creative individuals determined to realize a shared dream. Our design ideology is purely progressive. We do not stick to certain set of rules every time while designing; we truly facilitate our designs to evolve. Along this journey our knowledge base is ever-changing so do our ideology. Our source of inspiration could be as simple as piece of rock or as complex as modern age machine; inspiration can be drawn from anything beautiful. Being responsible creative professionals we take term "design" very seriously. To manipulate the results we try to push the envelope further by controlling existence and appearance of every element in a project that can be designed; meaning we do not only design exteriors we also cover interiors, graphics and products those are going to fill the environment ultimately.




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