Avantgarde Creative Architecture

Avantgarde Creative Architecture

Avant-garde Creative Architecture, is a pioneer company offering state-of the-art designs in the field of architecture for over 20 years.Having completed more than 600 buildings, this mastermind company has an endless passion for innovating ideas using interplay of Nature and Space. Their ideology is centered on creating "SMART DESIGNS", involving Art-Nature-Technology to produce a symphony in Space design. In Avant-garde, architecture is reinvented in present day context, based on strong fundamental design principles, practiced and learnt from world over. Their efforts are to offer world-class creative buildings and redefine the way we live and think. At Avant-garde, quality is a way of life and they pledge to strive in making each and every product a unique masterpiece and every experience a memorable pleasure for life. The visionary Duo Adil Ahmed and Sanjay Kakde, founders of Avant-garde and Halcyon homes (an investment initiative) , proudly showcase to you, their architecture of present and the future.




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