Arckitude Studio, Architecture and Urban Design

Arckitude Studio, Architecture and Urban Design

Arckitude studio provides Urban design solutions for streetscape, public spaces, built and un-built spaces. We look at urban design as a need to enrich living in a smarter and efficient manner. We strongly believe that human perseverance is an outcome of its urban scale; hence we are constantly analyzing socio cultural trends intruded within our built and un-built environment. Urban design by large is imperative to appreciate “Architecture.” We cannot create great Architecture in ordinary (Haphazard) surroundings. Our approach to urban design is guided by extensive data for an informed design outcome. Our designs have a very strong consideration to promote community living, environmental concerns, reduced use of transport and multiple uses of urban spaces. As the built environment grows and engulfs the un-built which seems unavoidable in rapid urbanization, we actively participate and are keen is policy suggestions to help create an urban fabric which would create spaces of human ascendancy.




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