Ambiant Associates

Ambiant Associates

They say architecture is all about aesthetics and engineering. We would like to add technology and interior designing to the list as well. It would not be an exaggeration to say that since 2000 the skyline of Bangalore has had a different look and feel proud of our little contribution.Right from the beginning, architecture for us was not about beautiful buildings. It always was this beautiful amalgamation of form and function. And in 2000, when Ambiant Associates, Became a reality, we found ourselves the platform to preach. Ever since there has been no looking back. Every single project of ours reflects this philosophy. No wonder, in the past decade, we have had innumerable success in the form of commercial complexes, apartments, hospitals, bungalows, industrial buildings and so on.When it comes to interiors too, we believe in the same. There is no point in having extreme aesthetics with no functionality. That is exactly; our very talented team of designers always makes it a point to work with the rest of team like the structural engineers and the utilities staff, making sure that form and function go hand in hand.Enclosed herewith is a brief resume of our principals and the projects that we have undertaken for your reference. In case you have any further clarifications or you require more information feel free to contact us




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