Nowadays Construction has been highlighted as one of the areas more prone to corruption, given the dimension of the projects and the massive budgets involved. Moreover it has been stated that the consequences of corruption in construction projects most usually have dramatic effects on the environment and on the livelihood of considerable groups of citizens, who not only depend on the services that construction projects should provide, but also because they are often subject to relocation or because their economic activities are affected by the intervention associated to construction projects. Corruption and bribery are not victimless crimes. They hit the poorest people hardest and undermines economic development. In the construction industry, project costs typically increase by more than 25 per cent as a result of corruption. Similar mark-ups have been reported in the defence and finance sectors . Overpriced and poorly planned projects increase unsustainable nation debt. When countries cannot keep up with the debt repayments, cuts in public services fall disproportionately on poorer people. The arms trade is the most corrupt business in the world.I believe Of that total money for construction, half of it is paid through ‘agents’ in the form of ‘commissions’. Without these bribes, many arms deals would simply not happen.
But through my company I focus on the importance of increased transparency and accountability on construction projects in order to contribute to sustainable development .My aim with my company is to fight against with these corrupt practices that undermines attempts by ordinary citizens to achieve higher levels of economic, social and environmental welfare. And hereby I introduce to everyone of you my Company……


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