Adarsh Solar Power Solution

Adarsh Solar Power Solution

In 2011, We were at the start of our story. It began with a promise based on a few things we strongly believed – That Generating Electricity through Solar Power should be adopted by everyone. That it should have 100% Success Rate. And that it should become most sought after solution, for ever rising electricity bills. On August 17th that year, we made our first installation. Today, we are one of the very few Solar System Integrators, who has successfully being doing business across Eleven Indian States with more than 1500 proud installations, generated around 7200 MegaWatts of Electricity by tapping the ever reliable Source - SUN. By doing so, in these 8 years, we have helped people save billions of their hard earned money by tapping Solar Power, given them independence from Grid Power and also helped our Mother Earth from CO2 emissions. Even after installing Solar Plants, 3000 feet above mean sea level, we have remained down to earth and courteous.


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