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Test of beauty is whether it can survive close knowledge ”Marjorie Kinnan rawlings… and …………..knowledge is an infinite source of beauty

Welcome to Archii-log, Archiipedias blog page !!!

Archii-log was created to share information about Interior design ,Art, Architecture, anything to do with beauty, harmony, home, residential or commercial projects and ,Interior Decoration!!

At Archii-log we are sharing. and creating a knowledge resource…,We welcome guest bloggers to share their knowledge, use this platform to publish articles about their work…

Use this platform to share how you well you used material, space ,texture , latest products…..( of course all this subject to admin approval)We will in turn make sure it reaches maximum readers…..

You can share comments and pictures related to any topic or blog post …on how you used certain products .or you could contact us to share your self-written article… (of course all subject to admin approval)You want us to write about any topic/product, contact us with “Archii-log” in the title section .!!If you are a do it yourself expert and would like to share info on how to do something related to interiors feel free to use our platform!! Contact us at helpdesk@archiipedia to share an article on Archii-log. Calling out to all professionals and vendors of building construction industry,best architects and interior designers of Bangalore,interior designers of Hyderabad,Mumbai,pune and Kochi!!!

Talk about your work …Use our platform to promote your services or products…let everyone know how great you are at what you do!!

India has been earmarked to be one of the largest construction hubs in the world with more than 11 billion homes to be built by 2030.Great news for all professionals ,and vendors related to construction and allied industries…!!!The amount of construction happening is also going to increase the need for well designed interiors and interior products…One would like to make well informed decisions when it comes to products one is using and also avail the best services for our residential or commercial projects.

Shop around, browse a few experts ,schedule meetings with a few of them,make sure you find an architect who is available and can make time for your project!!

To quote Steve Jobs….”Design is not what it looks like or feels like…its how it works”

Enrich visitors of our site with how your design works…and how it looks and fee!!

Increase awareness about available products in our market, making life easier for users!!

Good day!!Hope you enjoy sharing ,creating and archii-logging!!!


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